2015 Review of Disability Standards for Education

The Minister of Education and Training is required to conduct a review of the effectiveness of the Disability Standards for Education 2005 every five years. The last review being undertaken in 2010.

In collaboration with Australian Association of Christian Schools and Adventist Schools Australia we have lodged a submission to the 2015 Review on behalf of member schools.

The submission reinforces the commitment of Christian schools serving students with special needs and their families but also clarifies the limitations on the role of schools within the wider community support context. In particular we reiterated the vital importance of fair and equitable funding to allow the requirements of the Standards to be fully realised. In important role being placed by other support providers and the challenges that schools often face in interfacing with them was also discussed.

Schools with any questions in relation to the submission or the review more generally should not hesitate to contact our office.

A copy of the submission is attached below.