Peacewise Training 2015 – Discounts available

18 June 2015 
In CSA’s work with schools, we are increasingly aware that many situations could have been improved if the parties had been better equipped to respond to difficult issues and conflicts using biblical principles.

Just as important – or perhaps even more important – is to equip whole school communities to learn to respond to work and relationship issues in ways which both address both the work issues and the relationships – even in complex areas such as bullying or engaging constructively with unhappy parents or staff. This is a constant task, and often schools find it difficult to know where to start.

One ministry which provides help and training in these areas is PeaceWise. It is Christian, national, cross-denominational, not for profit and has representatives nationally. They are very experienced in Christian school and church contexts, and their training has already been of great help to many within the CSA community. CSA’s executive team has done the PeaceWise training and we strongly commend it to you. Find out more about PeaceWise.

In working with PeaceWise since our partnership began in 2009, we have been absolutely delighted with the approach taken by this growing organisation, and share their heart for building skills in this area among our member schools.

Schools who engage PeaceWise directly to conduct training at the school (eg. as as in-service training) enjoy a CSA discounted training rate from their normal fees.

Details of open invitation training around the country May to October are found in PeaceWise’s training brochurewhere both early bird and group bookings are available.

We encourage you to take advantage of this very worthwhile training opportunity.