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CSA Architecture | 2020 Horizon and Beyond

CSA has designed what we have called the 2020 Horizon and Beyond framework. This approach seeks to conceptualise the essential elements that make a Christian school distinct and leads it onto a path of maturity.

2020 Horizon and Beyond explained…

Hear from CEO, Dr. Daniel Pampuch as he explains the 2020 Horizon and Beyond conceptualisation.

CSA has now moved from the CSA Architecture document to the 2020 Horizon and Beyond document. Where the CSA Architecture focused on the retention of a Christian Distinctive through the adoption of six levers, the 2020 Horizon and Beyond document seeks to frame Christian education in terms of stages of development and maturity. The new conceptualisation recognises that schools are on a pathway to maturity and have varying needs, depending on the age and stage of their community.

The first 5 minutes of the video deals with the changing generations within schools and the need to be explicit and intentional in terms of the new “vision carriers” in our organisations. The following 11 minutes unpacks the document and addresses the various “horizons” to be encountered on the pathway to maturity. The 2020 Horizon and Beyond framework will be the basis of all new CSA resources and services going into the future


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