ACNC 2018 Charity Compliance Report

The Charity Compliance Report 2018 found that more than 1,800 concerns were raised about charities, up 6 per cent compared to 2017.  These have been classified by the ACNC as relating to the following subjects of the concern –

The particular ACNC requirement impacted by the concerns are identified below –

The report also contains some hypothetical examples of compliance issues often seen by the ACNC Compliance team – including circumstances of charitable funds being used for private benefit, or potential conflicts of interest.

Some Key statistics:

  • 1,804 concerns were raised, up 6% from 2017
  • 90 investigations were finalised – up from 82 in 2017
  • 16 charities had their registration revoked
  • 18 penalty notices issued
  • 24 charities entered into a Compliance Agreement with the ACNC
  • 2 charities entered into an Enforceable Undertaking
  • Charities subject to compliance cases controlled over $11.9 billion of charitable assets in total.

The full report is available now at