ASCI Flourishing Schools Culture Model (FSCM) and Flourishing Schools Culture Instrument (FSCI)


A range of CSA member schools from across the nation are now registered for the pilot implementation of the Flourishing Schools Culture Model (FSCM) and the Flourishing Schools Culture Survey instrument (FSCI) in Australia. Over the past year, ACSI has partnered with North American member schools to collect and leverage empirical data in the pursuit of insight around how and why Christian schools flourish. The validated constructs identified through rigorous data analysis were mapped onto the first ever research-based model of Christian school flourishing—the Flourishing School Culture Model (FSCM). In total, the Flourishing Schools Culture Instrument (FSCI) tested 1,445 discrete variables across seven different survey groups: students; parents; alumni; teachers; leaders/administrators; support staff; and board members.

Over 15,000 survey responses were collected from these groups, representing 65 Christian schools of diverse size and geographic location, thereby making the FSCI the largest study of flourishing in Christian schools to date. The Flourishing School Culture Model (FSCM) provides culture-level insight to Christian schools on how their students, educators, and school communities flourish in the domains of Purpose, Relationships, Learning Orientation, Expertise & Resources, and Well-Being. The companion school culture assessment tool, the Flourishing School Culture Instrument (FSCI), offers predictive insights to individual schools regarding their unique strengths and opportunities for growth in these domains.

Whilst the Project has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, we are eagerly looing forward to sharing the findings of the Australian study with member schools once they are published.  More information about the project, including the Final ACSI Report can be accessed here.

It is also hoped that once the Australia pilot study has been completed a more comprehensive and larger scale engagement with member schools will occur at a discounted rate. We will keep you informed of these developments.