Bushfires Update

Across this Summer South-Eastern Australia, in particularly, has been experiencing the effects of massive bushfires.

We have seen the tragic loss of a number of lives on top of those injured and the families and whole communities devastated by the loss of homes and possessions.  At the same time we have extraordinary examples of bravery and sacrifice from those who have risked their lives in fighting these fires, and of generosity in the volunteers who have assisted in other ways and of those who have simply made donations to support relief appeals.  Local churches across the country are playing a very active role in this work which is clearly ongoing and will be for many years in some cases.

At this point we are not aware of any Christian school on property directly affected by the bushfires, although there are a small number where their communities will undoubtedly be affected.  Most schools remain closed but we will be contacting them as they to re-open in the next couple of weeks to ascertain what support might be needed.

In the meantime we encourage continued prayer for those communities affected by these fires and the thousands of paid and volunteer firefighter still actively fighting them, and the other volunteers, support agencies and ADF personnel supporting them.