Cardus Education Survey Australia Project Announcement

It is with great excitement and expectation that I can announce that Christian Schools Australia (CSA)  is partnering with a range of other Christian school organisations including Adventist Schools Australia (ASA); Associated Christian Schools (ACS); Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS), Christian Education National (CEN) and Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) in the implementation of the Cardus Education Survey (CES) – Australia Project. The survey provides one of the very few credible, statistically significant and reliable quantitative survey instruments that seeks to measure the beliefs, thoughts and perspectives of a nationally representative sample of 25-39 year old school graduates from all schools in the nation and substantiates any claims (positive or negative) about private Christian education and its impact on the common good.
The project will be overseen by Cardus who have provided the consortium of Christian school organisations the license to undertake the project in Australia,  commencing in the latter part of 2019. The results of the survey will be of significant benefit to Australian schools in general, the Independent and Catholic sectors, and specifically Christian schooling in our nation. Similar Cardus surveys undertaken in both Canada and the United States will also provide the project outcomes with an international comparative perspective. Cardus Executive Vice President Ray Pennings is thrilled that the survey will be undertaken in Australia and stated “Metrics are a means to a greater end, the Australian measurements will serve an important discussion about improving education for the public good there, as well as in the rest of the world,  as we learn with and from each other.”
Cardus Senior Fellow and expert in the CES, Associate Professor Albert Cheng will be the lead researcher for this project. Dr Darren Iselin, CSA Executive Officer National Tertiary Partnerships and Research will coordinate the Australian project team which comprises of expert leaders from each of the consortium partners.  Dr Iselin remarked that “This project is the first of its kind in Australia and it is exciting to see the level of collaboration and engagement that has occurred across all Christian school organisations to implement this highly regarded survey”. He is joined by a team of Expert Project Consortium leaders who are ensuring the project’s effective implementation. National Director of Adventist Schools Australia (ASA) Dr Daryl Murdoch suggested that “the opportunity to partner with Cardus will provide a unique opportunity to explore how Christian education in Australia contributes to the common good within Australian society”, whilst Dr Lynne Doneley Executive Director and Principal Research Officer at Associated Christian Schools (ACS) revealed that  “we are excited to be partnering with an internationally recognised think tank such as Cardus and collaborating with fellow Christian educational organisations for the common good”.  Mr Erik Hofsink, Public Advocate for Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS) commented that “AACS deeply values the opportunity to partner with a world-class research group such as Cardus, especially on important and relevant subject matter such as this” whilst Dr Chris Prior Deputy Principal of National Institute of Christian Education (NICE) and representative for Christian Education National (CEN) is looking forward to “collaborating with Cardus and other Christian school organizations in the implementation of the Cardus Education Survey – Australia Project, and learning from this vital research”. Dr Graeme Cross Chief Executive Officer at Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) spoke for all within the consortium when he stated  “The importance of the Cardus Education Survey cannot be underestimated and will provide unique insight into the graduates of our schools across Australia”.
Christian Schools Australia eagerly looks forward to partnering collaboratively with the consortium of Christian School associations involved in this landmark research project that has the potential to shape and inform the narrative of the public good of Christian education in Australia into the future. A website link and further details regarding the project timeline will be sent shortly.
Kindest regards 
Dr Darren Iselin
Executive Officer (Qld)
National Tertiary Partnerships and Research