Changes coming to AUSkey

AUSkey is secure login that identifies you when you use participating government online services, largely tax and ABN related, on behalf of your school or other organisation.  The ATO has indicated that AUSkey will be phased out in 2020.

If your school uses AUSkey (or manage ABN connections), you will need to move to the following two products:

  • myGovID is a secure proof of identity app. Set it up once and use it to prove who you are when accessing government online services – like the 100 point ID check, but on your phone. Use your myGovID for both personal and business matters.
  • Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) allows you to link your myGovID to an Australian business number (ABN). It lets you manage who can act on behalf of your organisation online.

You can continue to use AUSkey while you make the move to myGovID and RAM.

In preparation for this change, check that your:

The ATO will be providing further updates closer to the changeover time.