Christian Schools Alumni Changing the World

One of the greatest joys of my role as SEO NSW/ACT for Christian Schools Australia is presenting at Tertiary Institutions to final year Education students.

Each year I am invited to do this at a number of Christian Colleges and find sitting in the audience a much-loved former student.

This week I presented my annual speech to the final year Education students at Avondale College in Cooranbong NSW. The drive to this beautiful, leafy, American colonial style campus is always a pleasure in itself and an opportunity to marvel at God’s creation.

I met with Professor Kilgour and we discussed the plan for the day before I entered the lecture theatre. I told him I felt this would be the last year that I would have any ex-students from my teaching days in the audience and how sad I was about that. For me the joy of teaching was always the relationships I established with my senior students particularly and the privilege it was to lead them from the last stages of their secondary education into the world of work or tertiary education.

I started my presentation with a bit of my own story and God’s leading me into Christian Education after 20 years in HR and Management Consulting. Just as I was getting to the part where I started as an English teacher at Green Point Christian College a very familiar face walked into the theatre with an enormous smile on her face. I couldn’t resist the temptation to stop my presentation and walk up the stairs to give her a hug.

I continued on with my presentation with my heart warmed and my passion for what we do in Christian Education renewed and revived. We are working with extraordinary young people who will go on to truly change the world as we have known it. We are responsible for teaching them knowledge and skills, but more importantly leading them to a relationship with Jesus Christ and the promise of an eternal life with him. We have the opportunity to speak hope and joy into our students and sometimes we are blessed to see the product of our labours.

Miljana Kurtovic had been in my last year 12 cohort at Charlton Christian College. She was a dedicated student with a strong faith and commitment to Jesus. She also possesses the most extraordinary operatic singing voice. I can still remember her version of Jerusalem as a Year 10 student at the Thanksgiving Service and the shivers that ran through the entire audience as we witnessed such a gift.

Milly has had been studying Music and Food Tech at Avondale and she will be graduating next year and moving into her career as a teacher in Christian Schools. Wherever she goes her colleagues and executives will be blessed.

Cass Pendlebury
Executive Officer – NSW/ACT
Christian Schools Australia