Copyright for Educators Webinars: Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th August and later dates in 2020

Schools’ rapid transition to remote and online learning during COVID 19 has led to a huge increase for copyright advice and copyright education requests from Australian schools and teachers. In response to the increased demand, the National Copyright Unit (NCU) is offering a series of free webinars to help teachers navigate copyright while teaching during these unprecedented times.

These free webinars are open to all Australian Government and non-government schools and are targeted to teachers and teacher-librarians from K-12. The webinar covers topics such as:

  • Basic introduction to copyright;
  • What schools are allowed to do under the statutory licences with Copyright Agency and Screenrights, voluntary licences with Music Collecting Societies (APRA AMCOS and ARIA), and Co-Curricular Licence with Roadshow;
  • Free education use exceptions – flexible dealing, exam copying and disability access exceptions;
  • Guidelines for schools about teaching students online and remotely during COVID-19 and in the future, including special COVID-19 arrangements for schools;
  • Using Netflix, YouTube and Audiobooks in class, including virtual classes;
  • Practical case studies and FAQs; and
  • Finding and using ‘Creative Commons’ licensed material and ‘Open Education Resources’.

If you would like to register for next weeks’ webinars, please choose your preferred date and register via the hyperlinks below. Please note that the registrations are capped at 100.  If you miss out on a place, please check our website as additional webinar dates may be added. 

Wednesday 12 August (AEST 10 am – 4 pm)

Thursday 13 August  (AEST  10 am- 4 pm)

Registration for the below webinars are also open:

Wednesday 2 September (AEST 9 am – 3 pm)

Wednesday 21 October (PERTH TIME  9 am – 3 pm/ AEST 11am – 5pm)

Thursday 22 October (PERTH TIME  9 am – 3 pm/ AEST 11am – 5pm)

Friday 13 November  (AEST 9 am – 3 pm)

Friday 20 November  (AEST 9.30am – 3.30 pm)

Copyright 4 Educators Online course

The National Copyright Unit also runs a free, seven week online course called Copyright 4 Educators.  The course is open to Australian school and TAFE teachers and librarians who want to learn about copyright, statutory licensing, educational exceptions and open educational resources. The next course will commence in Term 4 2020 (enrolments for this course open on October 12).  For more information about this course and to register your interest for the Term 4 course, please visit the link below:

What is the National Copyright Unit and what does it do?

The Ministers’ Copyright Advisory Group for Schools (CAG), through the NCU, is responsible for copyright policy and administration for the Australian school sector (including the management of obligations under educational statutory licences)?. NCU also provides copyright advice to schools and manages, the official copyright guide for Australian Schools and TAFEs.