Vision and Strategic Plan


CSA is progressing through the second generation of Christian schooling.

The first generation was characterised by a missional approach. Staff joined schools because of a sensed call to the Australian mission field. The first generation are best described as the Pioneer Generation. They often worked out of the back of churches, halls and demountable buildings. Staff often tithed back their salary and used old or donated resources. Over three decades, or more, these schools grew in size, capability and outcomes. What remained consistent over time, however, was a dedication to the original mission and vision of Christian schooling; to see young people trusting in Christ and becoming His disciples.

The second generation of Christian schooling is characterised by a significant retirement of leadership and staff. Schools are now defined by excellent facilities, stable enrolments and strong educational outcomes. Where a lack of resourcing and track record characterised the Pioneer Generation, retention of a Christian distinctive and a continued focus upon formation has now become central for the second generation. This new group of educators and leaders will have to be a generation of Explorers, taking the best of what has gone before and translating these truths and values for a new generation.

To read more, please download the CSA / ACSI Australia Vision document.