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GBS 2.0 English Companion


Welcome to the God’s Big Story 2.0: English Companion. In 2017, Christian Schools Australia (CSA) launched Locating Learners in God’s Big Story 2.0: Illuminating curriculum in Australian Christian Schools, referred to as God’s Big Story 2.0 (GBS 2.0). GBS 2.0 is “an introductory document seeking to frame the contours of a biblical worldview within the overarching existing conceptual ideas of God’s Big Story”. In the preface to GBS 2.0, Dr Daniel Pampuch, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Schools Australia, notes “Each Christian School must go on its own journey of discovery in what it means to think, teach and learn Christianly … If this resource stimulates schools to go on their own adventure of discovery of what it means to be a distinctively Christian school and develop their own approach it will have been a successful project.”

This document is designed to assist teachers in unpacking the biblical understandings and theological ideas that sit behind the conceptual understandings of the Australian Curriculum: English. It does not in any way attempt to suggest it is the only approach to effectively help curriculum planners and classroom teachers of English to centre their approach to English planning and teaching in a Bible-based, Christ-centred world view.

Following the processes set out in this document teachers and curriculum leaders will be able to develop units of work for English, which are firmly grounded in biblical truth. If schools already have established planning processes by which they seek to effectively integrate faith and learning in the curriculum and in ways they deliver the curriculum, this document will provide additional thoughts and ideas which may strengthen those existing processes.