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  • Create Date 5th September 2020
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Media Release - 5 September 2020

Parents are the Primary Educators

Christian Schools Australia has welcomed the focus on parents in the Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020.

“The principles on which the NSW Education Act are based include an acknowledgement that ‘the education of a child is primarily the responsibility of the child’s parents’,” said Director of Public Policy, Mark Spencer, indicating that this “is consistent with principles firmly established by international human rights law, research about effective, quality education, and decades of public policy by Governments, of all political persuasions, across Australia supporting parental choice through government funding”.

“Christian schools have always acknowledged the foundational Biblical role of parents in the education of their children”.

“Education is at its best when a school works in partnership with the family and, in many cases, with the church community with which they are associated”.

“As Christian schools we want parents to choose our schools for the education of their children because of the values and beliefs we espouse and model”.

The objects of the Bill, outlined in the Explanatory Note, include “to clarify that parents and not schools are primarily responsible for the development and formation of their children” and “to provide that schools should  not usurp the role of parents”, Mr Spencer said that these are important principles Christian schools would strongly support.

“If the Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020 [NSW] serves to provide more opportunities for parents to have greater involvement and input into schools this can only be a positive outcome,” he said, “Our society can only benefit from greater dialogue and discussion around potentially controversial issues”.


For all media inquiries -

Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy
Christian Schools Australia
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