Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package – Additional Support (FURTHER UPDATED)


The Department has provided advice and updated the application form for the Supplementary Relief Payment indicating –

“Providers who are not eligible for JobKeeper may also be eligible for a JobKeeper equivalent supplementary payment (Supplementary payments made in lieu of eligibility for a JobKeeper payment will be backdated until 6 April 2020) in limited circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • providers who are part of non-government schools – the department will automatically add a JobKeeper equivalent supplementary payment to base payments. Providers only need to use this form if there has been an increase in demand (i.e. children attending or hours of care provided).
  • …”

The Minister for Education Dan Tehan has announced further support for child care services in addition to the general Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package announced earlier in the week.

Child care services can now apply for an exceptional circumstances Supplementary Relief Payment under the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package. The supplementary payments may be available to services experiencing exceptional circumstances. These now include:

  • the current number of enrolments and attendance at a service from 6 April 2020 (and onwards) have been maintained or are significantly and demonstratively higher than the number of enrolments and attendance at the service during the reference period; and/or
  • a service experiences a significantly higher demand for child care for children of essential workers and/or for vulnerable and disadvantaged children during the period 6 April 2020 to 28 June 2020; and/or
  • a service is NOT eligible for JobKeeper (for example it is part of an independent school, or part of a larger entity which will not meet the JobKeeper requirement for reduced turnover)

While the original scope of the support would not address the genuine needs be felt by a number of early learning centres attached to schools, the inclusion of the third criteria should address this critical issue.

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has a factsheet on the new payment and centres can make application online for support from the Department’s dedicated childcare page here.  While these two pages are, at the time of this Briefing, have not been updated to include this third criteria the linked application form has been updated –