Free Year One Phonics Check Now Available

Minister for Education Dan Tehan today launched stage one of the Year 1 Phonics Check that is designed to help parents and teachers ensure children are developing the skills to become strong speakers, readers and writers.  The tool is part of a new Literacy Hub with resources, including the phonics check for teachers, and a free reading awareness check for families.

The Literacy Hub contains sources that specifically address student needs at this pivotal stage of learning. Teachers can check the progress of each Year 1 child through the online Phonics Check.  Resources for families include activities that seek to embed the pleasure of playing with sounds and words at home.  There is also free online professional development for literacy leaders, links to case studies, and the growing evidence base around best practice literacy in schools.

Over coming months, additional teaching resources will be added to help teach these foundational skills with confidence and to use data to refine learning activities for specific students.