Helping Students to Wholeness – Updated Discussion Paper

Building on our initial discussion paper for boards we have released an updated and expanded version of Helping Students to Wholeness.

This updated discussion paper for school boards, leadership and those directly involved in pastoral support and student wellbeing has been prepared as a discussion paper and resource about ways Christian Schools can further assist students dealing with ‘gender identity’ concerns in a Biblically consistent manner.  The discussion paper:

  • covers a range of topics on which schools have sought support,
  • provides some definitional and background material for boards and leaders to use in considering these issues,
  • summarises the legal context around Australia, and
  • includes a sample of a school policy covering this area.

As indicated in the paper, it has been developed following a series of presentations around the country, and internationally, to school boards, school leaders and school staff on LGBTIQAP+ issues and their impact on Christian schools. It also takes into account a variety of submissions made in these areas to various reviews and support provided to schools dealing with particular matters arising in their schools.

While this paper seeks to address many of the issues raised during and as a result of those presentations it remains a response in a developing area. CSA is very keen to receive feedback from schools, and especially boards and school leaders, in relation to the further support we can provide schools to navigate a response in this space. We are also happy to work with schools and boards in crafting a school response and to further develop tools to assist staff in responding to these issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and assistance, including support should particular issues arise in your school or in the event of media attention.

The discussion paper will very much be part of the ongoing conversation around these issues. We would greatly appreciate feedback from schools, and especially school boards, on any additional questions you have and how we may be able to assist you further in this area. Schools can contact me via email,, or at the National Office in Canberra.

A copy of the whole discussion paper and a separate document with just the policy sample can be downloaded by member schools below.