Human Rights Sub-Committee – Hearings and further submission

In November 2016 the Human Rights Sub-Committee, chaired by the Hon. Kevin Andrews, of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade was tasked with examining ‘the status of the freedom of religion or belief … around the world, including in Australia.’ 

CSA made a joint submission with Adventist Schools Australia to the sub-committee in February 2017 and the Sub-Committee released an Interim Report late last year.

The Committee is holding further public hearings and Dr Daniel Pampuch and Mark Spencer will be appearing before the Sub-Committee this coming Wednesday.

Prior to these hearings we have lodged a further, supplementary, joint submission with Adventist Schools Australia.  This further submission encompasses the experiences of Christian and Adventist schools, and our communities, since the lodgement of the initial submission with the Committee.  During this period, we have undergone the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey in late 2017 and the Government has also established the ‘Ruddock Review’ to consider similar issues to those being considered by this Committee.

This Supplementary Submission can be downloaded from the link below.