Keep up with these exciting new projects with our Tertiary Partners

Christian Pedagogy Field Guide: CSA & Tabor Project


With the focus in 2020 on pedagogy within the CSA Architecture, CSA and Tabor have been partnering together on the development of an exciting new resource: Christian Pedagogy: Teaching Redemptively – A Field Guide for Principals and Leaders.  Dr Tracey Price, Dean of Education and Director of Scholarship at Tabor is overseeing this exciting project. It is expected that this Field Guide will align with other key CSA resource documentation and be a useful and stimulating reference guide for teachers to use in Christian schools. The project is progressing well and Dr Price is hopeful that the resource will be available to member schools later in the year.


Sustainability Companion Document


 In conjunction with Christian Heritage College (CHC), CSA will produce a GBS (2.0) companion document which showcases the Cross-Curriculum Priority of sustainability from a Biblical Worldview. The project will be led by Richard Leo, Lecturer in Education and Humanities at CHC. The Sustainability priority provides the opportunity for students to develop an appreciation of the necessity of acting for a more sustainable future and so address the ongoing capacity of Earth to maintain all life and meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.


God’s Big Story 2.0

CHC are also developing two new companion documents will be released for the Key Learning Areas of Science and The Arts. A Planning Tool will also be developed to complement the GBS (2.0) Primer document and will help staff navigate the space between theoretical underpinnings and curriculum development.


New to Christian Schooling Resource Modules


Due to the popularity and high quality of the Biblical Literacy (Open Book) materials developed by Morling College/Vose Seminary, CSA has partnered with Vose to develop a set of materials to assist in the onboarding and professional development of all staff new to Christian schooling. These materials will again be designed by Dr Brian Harris and Jon Bergmann and will focus on the essential elements of working in a Christian School. The resources seek to prepare both the heart and mind for all staff (teaching and non-teaching) entering into Christian schools and provide high quality, thoughtful, relevant and engaging video modules and stimulus for induction and on-boarding into Christian schools.

The Modules cover the following four themes:  Vision  |  Culture  |  Faith  |  Practice

The project is going well and despite the impact of COVID-19 have currently completed:

  • All project design, branding, logo (static and animated) and style guides have all been developed
  • Planning, design and development of presenter scripts have been completed, and all filming has been captured
  • The videography side of the project is now in the editing phase, and this is expected to last until June, when first drafts on the videos will be compiled.
  • The manuals (5 in total) are underway, but only in the content phase. This will be finished by early June, and they will then be put into their final design format and sent to CSA for review in late June/ early July.

We are looking forward to launching this excellent suite of resources with member schools in the second half of the year.