Keeping up to date with School Copyright

The National Copyright Unit (NCU) is a specialised unit that provides copyright assistance and advice to all Australian government and non-government schools as well as TAFEs (excluding Victorian TAFEs) in Australia.

NCU is a small secretariat that acts on behalf of the Copyright Advisory Group (CAG) which reports to the COAG Education Council. CAG’s committee members are senior representatives from State and Territory Departments of Education, the Catholic and Independent school sectors, and TAFEs nationally (excluding Victorian TAFEs).  The NCU was established in 2005 to:

  • provide specialist copyright assistance to schools and TAFEs;
  • negotiate and administer the School and TAFE sectors licences with Australian Collecting Societies and related copyright surveys; and
  • advocate for copyright law reform benefitting education.

The NCU is responsible for the Smartcopying website which contains a wealth of practical copyright advice and organises a national Copyright Seminar Series and Copyright for Educators (C4E) course.  They also produce a regular newsletter on the latest copyright issues, available here.  If you wish you can also subscribe to this newsletter.