LNP Responds to CSA Questions

The Liberal National Party (LNP) has responded to CSA’s series of questions in the lead up to the Queensland State Election and confirmed that any future LNP Government ‘will ensure faith based schools can continue to operate under their chosen value and belief system’ and provided a commitment to ‘support existing protections for Christian schools’.

They also committed to re-establish a Schools Planning Commission with a brief to address education infrastructure, including ‘whether new schools should be public, independent or faith based’, indicating that planning should include planning for ‘all schools, including those Christian and faith based‘.  The LNP also committed to continued support for the ‘basket-nexus funding mechanism’ and to work with the non-government sector in relation to school funding.

A copy of the full response is included below for member schools.

As yet we have not received a response to our requests from the ALP