The reports today of the ALP’s election review was welcomed today by Christian school communities across Australia.

The Federal election earlier this year marked a turning point in Australian politics.

“Religious freedom featured in the campaign like never before” said Mark Spencer, National Executive Officer from Christian Schools Australia.

“The importance of faith communities in determining the outcome was reflected in the analysis of the results and by comments from both major parties at the time.”

“Today’s acknowledgement of the need to reconnect with groups within the Christian community formalises what the Opposition has been doing since the election.”

Christian Schools Australia led an unprecedented campaign with other Christian school organisations, the Australian Association of Christian Schools and Associated Christian Schools, who together delivered materials to families in 329 locations across Australia.

“We know that parents in key marginal seats across Australia were saying to us how important the protection of values, beliefs, and freedom of religion are to them”

“We have welcomed the increased engagement from the ALP since the election and their willingness to acknowledge the errors they had made.” Mr Spencer said

“As the Parliament considers proposed religious freedom legislation, we are calling on both major parties to show their understanding of faith communities and support sensible legislation that provides robust protection for this essential freedom.”


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