Meetings with Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers

CSA Director of Public Policy, Mark Spencer, met with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Cabinet Ministers as part of the Church Community Restoration Project with a range of other Christian groups.

The Project commits the organisations involved to “support, in a spirit of faith, hope, and love, in the sustaining and recovery of communities across the country“.  After acknowledging the challenges of bushfires and pandemics the organisations reiterate that they “believe that God knows our challenges and is merciful” indicating that “the Bible, our great charter of faith and practice, was written for such times as these, and discloses good news that speaks to our hearts now in this season of great need“.  The groups noted in the letter that “in all of the previous disasters of Australian history, the Christian church has stepped up as a key national contributor to stabilisation and then restoration, and we seek to commit to this once more“.

During the meeting with the group the Prime Minister said “I really like the idea of what you are doing. The whole country is trying to rebuild. And there are so many things we have to rebuild. People’s worlds have been turned completely upside down. Everything they knew to be certain became uncertain“.

He went on to say “I want to thank the church groups all around the country for the role they have played in holding things together.”

Earlier in the day the group met with Opposition Leader, Anthony Albanese, and key Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members.

Representatives of the organisations involved in the Church Community Restoration Project in the Mural Hall at Parliament House.