Modern Award Review Finalised for Schools

The initial four year modern award review process, which commenced in 2014, has been finalised in relation to the two awards covering non-government schools.

Earlier this year the Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2020 commenced replacing the original 2010 award.  Recently the Fair Work Commission (FWC) finalised the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2020 which will commence on 1 October 2020.

These two awards will determine the salaries and conditions of teaching and general staff in Christian and other non-government schools where there is not a [registered] enterprise agreement, either single- or multi-enterprise agreement, in place.  In addition, these awards are the comparator which is used by the FWC when determining whether the Better Off Overall Test requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) are met.  This is a requirement for the approval of any enterprise agreement and is now assessed in a very strict basis.

Schools should ensure that they are familiar with the requirements under the updated awards and, where applicable, advise staff of the new documents.