More insights from Cardus research

You would all be aware of the great research being done in North America by Cardus Education, particularly around the longer term impact of Christian education.

They have recently released reports on their latest findings on relation to students in Ontario and British Columbia.  The research shows that, compared to public school graduates, the graduates of ‘protestant evangelical’ schools across these areas are:

  • still more likely to be married than cohabiting;
  • more likely to have been married longer and at younger ages;
  • much more likely to seek a job that fulfills a religious calling;
  • almost two times more likely to confide in a close friend and to help their friends out financially;
  • more likely to participate in almost every category of volunteering;
  • giving to a diverse array of charitable organizations, and are no less likely to give to non-religious institutions;
  • the most likely to give of finances and to a higher degree

Copies of the reports can be downloaded from the links above.