National Redress Scheme – more than ‘named and shamed’

Social Services Minister Anne Ruston recently indicated that the Government was considering upping the ante on organisations it considered should have opted into the National Redress Scheme.

The Minister recently indicated that “At a recent meeting with state and territory ministers we all agreed it is unacceptable that institutions with redress liability have not yet joined the Scheme.”

“We agreed to consider the use of all available levers to pressure non-participating institutions to join as a matter of urgency.”

Media reports of possible actions being considered include suspension of tax concessions and charitable status.

How it would be determined that an institution has “redress liability’ is not clear – but what is clear is that considerable pressure may be applied to ensure that potential claims area not left unresolved because an institution is not part of the Scheme.

School should review our previous Briefings on this issue for advice on other matters they should consider.