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Welcome Parents

Welcome to Christian Schools Australia’s (CSA) website. Thank you for connecting with us. In the following pages, we have information for parents on locating Christian schools in your local area, upcoming events with CSA as well helpful tips on providing feedback to the school your child is currently enrolled in.

About Christian Schools Australia

Christian Schools Australia is a peak group serving the diverse needs of a large network of independent Christian schools across Australia. As a nationally based organisation, the support and care of our member schools is our highest mission. We exist to support, encourage and equip Christian schools to educate young people in Christ, to be world changers.

Christian Schools Australia is a distinctly Christian organisation, through resourcing Christian schools in the following service areas:

Christian Schools Australia’s Voice

Christian Schools Australia is a voice for independent Christian schools at both State and Federal levels. CSA advocates the needs of students, parents and communities in regards to policy, funding and curriculum. CSA maintains positive relationships with governments and other member associations in the public policy debates to ensure the voice of Christian schools is heard.

To read CSA’s Statement of Faith, please click here.

Find a Christian School

Parents can search for nearby member schools located in your area as well as interstate. You can search by the name of the school, a postcode or the suburb. To see a whole state, enter its name e.g. “New South Wales”. Click here to visit the School Locator.

Upcoming Events

At CSA, we have a number of events happening in each state at any given time. From national and state conferences to events hosted by your local school, there are plenty of events for parents to become involved in. Click here to view the latest schedule of events.

Providing Feedback to Your Local School

Each of our member schools is autonomous and locally governed. If you have a child enrolled in a member school of Christian Schools Australia (see list of member schools here), parents wanting to provide feedback or raise a concern should contact your local Christian school.

In the first instance that usually involves speaking to the staff member directly involved as they will be the most likely to have a direct impact on your child. In some cases, you may also need to speak to the school leadership or, ultimately, contact the school’s board. Check your local school’s policy for the processes to follow.

Of course, where a concern relates to matter regulated by external bodies, these bodies may themselves have complaints or grievance handling procedures.  Certainly in the event of any allegation involving criminal behaviour, such as child abuse, we strongly encourage you to raise this matter immediately with the police.

If, having followed the appropriate school processes, your concern remains unresolved you are welcome to raise the matter with CSA.  In doing so, however, you should be aware that:

  1. Our role will generally be limited to:
    1. Raising the issue with the school and seeking their response;
    2. Advising and assisting the school on an appropriate response.
  1. It may not be possible to ensure that your identity and the details of the complaint remain confidential if we are to effectively assist the school
  2. It is unlikely that we will be able to advise you of the outcome of our discussions with the school.
  3. We have no power to direct a member school and limited powers to ‘discipline’ members.