Consent Forms for Schools and G Suite Information Sheet

The National Copyright Unit has received queries from schools about seeking consent from students to use their works and/or include photos or videos of students in school material, particularly as schools are having to record their students as a result of COVID.

NCU has drafted 2 separate forms to address this:

  1. General student consent form – a form to deal with copyright in a student’s works; and
  2. Student photo and video consent form – a separate consent form to deal with privacy in student’s photographs and videos if the school wishes to use photographs or videos of students. NCU does not recommend incorporating the privacy form as part of the general consent form.

It is not mandatory to use these forms. They are simply templates to assist schools when seeking consent from students for the use of student works. The templates can be modified to suit the individual school’s purpose.

During the last CAG Meeting, NCU was also asked to create a G Suite information sheet which looks at why making material private is important and provides a quick guide on how to make materials private on G Suite.