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Christian Schools Community Profile Project


This project will focus specifically on CSA member school parents from across Australia and will seek to identify, understand and analyse the backgrounds, values, faith commitments, spirituality, interests and decision-making practices of parents within a rapidly changing Australian society.

CSA is now launching its third piece of national research on Christian schools that will provide a detailed understanding of why parents select Christian schools for their children.  This comprehensive national study will investigate the profiles and perceptions of our Christian school families.

Over the past decade, there have been seismic shifts in the families that enrol students in our Christian schools, and families are coming to our schools with diverse and at times surprising expectations for choosing Christian schooling options for their children. Questions relating to the survey will include:

  • What do parents’ value in a Christian school education?
  • What are their personal perceptions of different school types?
  • What are Millennial parents’ expectations and reasons for choosing a Christian school and are they different to other generations?
  • What do parents perceive as important regarding a Christian school and what are their levels of satisfaction with academic programs, Christian studies programs, spiritual formation, and quality of relationships with teachers and students?
  • What are the trends that are emerging for choosing Christian schools for millennial parents?
  • What are the motivations/opportunities and barriers for parents who choose Christian schools?
  • What are the faith commitments and spirituality of these Millennial parents?

This completely online survey will be coordinated by one of the nation’s leading public sector research firms ORIMA Research and will be available via an online portal and link. All schools participating in the survey can then send this link to their parent communities when the survey goes “live” on 8 March 2021.

All participating schools will receive (via the online portal) the final reports and national profiles from across the CSA member school network, as well as state benchmarking and a school specific report that will identify trends and patterns within your given school community and how these compare to other CSA schools in your region, state and across the nation.

How to Participate

  1. Simply register your school to participate in this landmark Australian study. At registration, nominate a key contact person who will coordinate information regarding the online survey at your school.
  2. Upon registration, you will receive a school specific PIN so you can access your school’s dedicated portal for this survey. You will be able to monitor response rates and download all templates and promotional material to send to parents.
  3. There is NO COST to member schools to participate in this survey. However, we do require your school to actively promote the survey throughout your parent community and encourage as many parents as possible to complete the survey. For results at the individual school level to be reliable and useful, we will require response rates to be strong. ORIMA and CSA will assist you in ways that you can optimise these response rates.
  4. To clarify the survey process, CSA and ORIMA will host a SCHOOL LEADERS Question and Answer session on Tuesday 23rd February at 5pm AEDT. This is an opportunity to hear about the project in greater detail and the benefits of participation for your school. Contact events@csa.edu.au to watch the recording
  5. Registered schools will be able to attend a short 45-minute coordinator training that ORIMA and CSA will provide via a virtual workshop. This training will assist schools in how to effectively promote and administer the survey. ORIMA will send an invitation to this meeting upon school registration.
  6. ORIMA and CSA will provide all relevant material (letters, promotional material, logins, FAQs and technical support) to make the process as seamless as possible within your school community. There will be one generic school PIN so there are no extra requirements for parent passwords or complex individual parent login processes. The link and the generic school PIN are all that are required to access the survey. We want to make this survey as accessible to all our member schools and will provide as much assistance as we can.
  7. Upon registration, schools will receive the survey link and their generic school PIN before the go live date to allow time to prepare and send mail outs prior to the survey opening but parents will only be able to enter and complete the survey from 8 March 2021.
  8. The survey will go “live” on 8th March and will remain open for the following four weeks. Schools will be able to easily monitor response rates via the online portal.
  9. Two reminders to be sent to your school’s parent community (templates of these reminders will be provided via the portal.
  10. The survey will close Thursday, 1 April 2021.
  11. Upon conclusion of the survey, reports will be generated and available for each school end of June. These reports will contain school level findings, national benchmark data, state level comparisons and statistically similar school comparisons.

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