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Relational Schools Project

In 2017 and 2018, CSA completed one of the largest research projects undertaken on Christian schools in Australia. The project was overseen by the Relational Schools Foundation in the United Kingdom under the direction of Dr Rob Loe and sought to measure relational quality and student wellbeing between students, teachers and students and with the community (between home and school). “Relational Proximity” is defined as a measure of the distance in the relationship between two people or organisations. The project involved 17 schools and over 13,000 student responses with nearly 1 million lines of data.

The research findings of the Relational Schools project in Australia were significant in both scope and quality. The findings were clear: the level of Relational Proximity within Australian Christian schools was very high and the correlations with the UK data revealed that, on average, Christian Schools in Australia were exceeding the levels of schools from the initial research in the UK. A second phase of the project was also undertaken in 2019.

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