Qld ALP’s Election Commitments to CSA

27 January 2015 | Author: Stephen O’Doherty

The Queensland ALP Opposition has re-affirmed its commitment to school choice and continues to support the right of faith-based schools to hire staff who adhere to the school’s religion.

The assurances are contained in a letter from Tim Mulherin MP Deputy ALP Leader, and come in response to CSA’s pre-election letter to the parties.

In keeping with our usual practise, shortly after the snap election was called by Premier Newman, CSA wrote to each major party outlining our key concerns and issues for Christian schools. (See our letter here)

The ALP has addressed issues concerning funding, students with disabilities, Special Assistance Schools and new school development.

Labor’s response largely reflects the status quo. Their assurances on the issue of faith based schooling are welcome, and the promise to investigate low interest loans or loan guarantees is a very pleasing, albeit cautious response. CSA has been pursuing this issue in all jurisdictions for some time.

*Update – the LNP’s response is now available here

  • ALP Response 2015 (991.6 kB)
  • Election Letter to the Parties 2015 (357.5 kB)


  • LNP Response to CSA Election Issues –