Religious Freedoms challenged in Western Australia

Just days after the close of voting in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey a ‘veteran gay rights advocate’ is already asserting that the definition of marriage will be changed and that this justifies a baseless attack on religious freedoms.

Former Australian Democrats senator Brian Greig, is reported in today’s West Australian claiming that ‘staff at religious schools in WA would be “especially vulnerable” after marriage equality was achieved nationally’. The claim was made following a letter to the Premier seeking changes to the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA).

According to the report advocates claim the exemptions for religious schools in the Act ‘are the broadest in the nation and are being used to target members of the LGBTI community’.  These claims are simply false.  The exemptions in section 73 of the Act are consistent with other jurisdictions across the country.  The exemptions provide a vital protection for the fundamental religious freedoms of Christian schools and their parent communities.

CSA is writing to both the Attorney-General and Education Minister seeking an urgent response to these reports and a renewed commitment to the protection of essential religious freedoms.