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Within the CSA Architecture, Compliance will include materials on the following ‘topics’:

  • Advocacy
  • Funding
  • Key Policies
  • Governance (Boards)
  • Staff Relations Support (including HRM materials)

Specifically, these topics will include:

  • Regular Updates (see Briefings) on:
    • policy and compliance issues
    • key Government requirements both Federal and State/Territory
    • inquiries and reviews by Parliaments, Government Departments and agencies impacting Christian schools
  • Information and tools to assist schools in understanding Commonwealth Government Funding
  • Samples of key policies developed particularly for Christian schools
  • The CSA Enrolment Toolkit
  • Governance resources including:
    • Model Constitution for a Christian School
    • Guide to the Model Constitution
    • Sample MOU between a church and a Christian school
    • Sample Governance Handbook
    • Training courses and materials (NESA accredited for NSW schools)
  • Staff Relations Support materials
    • Model contracts for Principals and Business Managers (national)
    • Model contracts for staff (NSW and ACT)
    • Policy samples and resources
    • FBT Toolkit
  • Financial Management Framework for Christian Schools
    • Finance Policy documents
    • Assets policy
    • Accounting Policy documents
    • Compliance checklist

Sample Policies

Enrolment Toolkit


For information about copyright compliance within schools check out the Smartcopying website produced and maintained for the use of all schools in Australia.