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Presentations and other resources from the 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum

Sasha Beattie performed a pre-dinner set, and a feature item at the CSNPF Dinner. We are sure you will enjoy the vocal style of this talented Year 12 student from Trinity Christian College, Waniassa! Sasha is accompanied by equally talented music teacher Anthony Kennedy.

Ray Pennings – Are Christian Schools Delivering on their Promise? Ray is Vice President of the Cardus think tank, Canada.

Dr Brian Harris – The Big Picture: Does a Christian Worldview Make a Difference?

Dr Graeme Cross – Do Christian Schools contribute to bridging social capital? Dr Cross is Academic Dean of Vose Seminary.

Dr Daren Iselin: Challenges to Sustainable Christian Cultures in an Era of Changes

Senator Deborah O’Neill (ALP) addresses the 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum

Mike Gore, CEO of Open Doors Australia, reflects on following the Christina faith, and the importance of Christian education.

Senator Simon Birmingham, Assistant Minister for Education and Training, addresses the 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum

Keynote Address by Dr Briony Scott, Principal of Wenona at the 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum.

Martin Hanscamp – Devotional Address

John McGrath’s address to the 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum. John is Senior Education Officer, Faith Formation and Religious Formation at the National Catholic Education Commission.

David Westbrook – Nepal Earthquake Experience

Pastor David Westbrook was speaking in a church in Kathmandu when the first earthquake struck. What happened next is a powerful personal account of those first few minutes.

In an interview with Stephen O’Doherty at the Christian Schools National Policy Forum 2015, David spoke candidly about his experience. Despite the tragedy it is a story of hope.

David is Senior Pastor at Mackay Christian Community Church, and Board Chair at Mackay Christian College.

With others, he is involved in a ministry in Nepal called Transform the Nations which, because it has a permanent presence, was immediately able to assist in direct and personal ways.
Following the interview, in a spontaneous collection NPF delegates gave more than $1,500 to support TTN.