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Christian Schools National Policy Forum 2019

Welcome to the Resources area for the 2019 Christian Schools National Policy Forum and Symposium.

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Policy Forum and Symposium Schedule

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Keynote Sessions

Keynote Session 1 – Speaking Truth in the Public Square

Workshop Sessions

Dinner Address

Dinner Address: Dr Justine Toh, Centre for Public Christianity

Christian Education Symposium

Staff Wellbeing and Resiliency
Staff Wellbeing and Resiliency

School leaders often ask:

  • How do I prepare for or rebuild after a major change in organisational direction or structure?
  • How do I support my staff who deal with difficult tasks, unrelenting schedules or demanding parents and students?
  • How can I support my community through constant change and uncertainty?

While we know that aspects of personality make some people appear more resilient than others, the truth is that individual resilience is dynamic – built or depleted depending on the environment and on how we understand and nurture it within ourselves and our teams.

Workplace resilience is about sustaining optimal business performance, through change or adversity, over the long-term. Organisations who invest in building the resilience of their people and teams report smoother, faster and sustained change as a result of: improved staff engagement; improved staff health and well-being; reduced business disruption; and reduced change implementation time-frames.