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Professor Rikk Watts
Rikk Watts

(PhD, Cantab);
Prof of NT Alphacrucis College;      
Research Professor, Regent College

Part 1: Why Christian Community Matters: how the Gospel gave us the Modern world.

Most of us understand the Christian ethical contribution to life. What is less well appreciated is how the gospel’s victory over antiquity opened the door to modernity. Christian school communities matter because, not only did their message unleash the most extraordinary intellectual revolution the world has ever known, but even more so they show us how to live well in that world. I’ll include here a story or two about non-Christians’ response to these ideas.


Part 2: Plenary Session: What Christian Community should look like.

Taking up the last part of the first presentation, this plenary session focuses on some of the key biblical character attributes that should mark Christian communities if they are to function well.


Supplementary resources.


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Edwin Judge; Gospel Conversations; Prof. Edwin Judge, three outstanding lectures detailing the fundamental philosophical differences between Athens and Jerusalem; start with Science and faith, and finishing with the Open Heart… :  http://www.gospelconversations.com/who-are-we/edwin-judge/

The article below has been split into two parts to allow us to make this valuable resource available to you