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Christian Education…

…is an overused and often abused phrase. There are many Independent schools who use the expression “Christian Education“, but what do they mean?

For some schools, Christian Education is:

  • Middle class values
    speaking nicely, having good manners, knowing how to conduct oneself in polite society;
  • Community-mindedness
    focusing on social justice and community service activities;
  • Identifying with a church
    understanding and taking part in its rituals and practices;
  • Adopting an ethos
    focusing on a set of values or commitments.

For Christian Schools Australia, Christian Education is much more. To this end, we have begun to use the phrase “Kingdom Education”.

Kingdom Education & Dr. Glen Schultz

Looking at Developing Education God’s Way

Dr Glen Schultz

Kingdom Education Ministries

Enabling Developing Education God’s Way

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We Must Equip Parents, Church Leaders and Educators With a Biblical Worldview Before It Is Too Late!

This is why I have spent the past two years developing resources to train and equip the home, church and school in a biblical worldview and a biblical philosophy of education.  These resources are now available online to everyone who becomes a KEM Prime Member.

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