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For CSA, Curriculum is about ensuring that what is in the teaching and learning plans of CSA educators is shaped from an understanding of the metanarrative of the Bible. For this reason, we have named the CSA approach, “God’s Big Story”.  The thinking behind our curriculum approach is that we are revealing or ‘illuminating’ God in the curriculum to show how He has, and still does, shape and guide the world we live in.

The CSA God’s Big Story Framework is a collaboration between CSA members, tertiary and cross curricular providers to develop resources for educators in CSA member schools that ‘illuminate’ God’s Big Story in the ACARA Australian Curriculum. The suite of CSA God’s Big Story resources have been created exclusively for Christian teachers and includes an overall Primer document, Teacher’s Planner guide, plus KLA and Cross Curriculum Priority companion documents -all containing exemplar units.

If you require any further details please contact Cass Pendlebury. You will find access to all God’s Big Story resources below.

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