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Business Partners

Camp Australia

Camp Australia are a provider of before and after school care programs.

The Camp Australia difference is that our Educators’ primary focus is on the children in their care. This is because we are the only After School Care provider that has designed their organisation around this single principle. We have invested in dedicated support systems and teams to make sure that your children get all the attention they need from our Educators – because we know that this is the best way to make them smile.

Christian Super

Christian Super is the award-winning industry fund that works for others, while working for you.
Through ethical investments in microfinance, clean energy and community infrastructure, your super can change the world.


CyberHound is the leading provider of cybersafety and internet management solutions for schools in Australia. CyberHound is Christian Schools Australia’s preferred provider of these services, including internet services and solutions for parents through the Circle product.

CyberHound provides cybersecurity and filtering services but extends this with valuable features for school leaders, teachers, IT professionals and also students.

Two of the key features that schools are enjoying the benefits of are:

  • Classroom Control providing teachers with simple controls to manage access to the internet within class (without having to interrupt the IT department)
  • ClearView provides behavioural analytics and supports the push to reduce cyberbullying and provide enhanced levels of care and support to students who are going through difficult times. The actionable intelligence it provides to school leaders has helped them prevent serious issues from occurring or worsening.

Visit cyberhound.com for more information.

CyberHound can be contacted by email info@cyberhound.com or call +61 7 3020 3330.

Openbook Howden: Printing services

Openbook Howden is a long standing partner with CSA in offering print and design services.

School publications are a key way to communicate these messages to a wide audience. By specialising in design and print and sharing a common purpose with Christian schools, the Openbook Howden team is able to deliver a service which ensures you message is clear and represents your community.

Their custom-made products and services include; Yearbooks, Diaries, Stationery, Prospectuses, Brochures, Corporate design.