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Towards Belief

Towards Belief is an award-winning 10 part series addressing the top belief blockers to Christian faith in our time. It is a great resource for schools and churches.

Grounded in research conducted across Australia in 2011 by McCrindle Research and commissioned by Olive Tree Media, Towards Belief looks at the most commonly held views as to why people have lost confidence in the Christian message today.

An impressive line up of over 30 leading authors, academics and speakers from the UK, USA and Australia, including John Lennox, John Dickson, Nicky Gumbel, Amy Orr-Ewing, Erwin McManus, Craig Keener and many more, were interviewed by the series host and executive producer, Karl Faase on topics such as the existence of suffering, can you believe the Bible, are science and Christian faith compatible, church abuse, religious violence and the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality.

Towards Belief offers thoughtful and compelling responses to the major belief blockers to Christian faith and is a contemporary resource with excellent production values, making it essential viewing for senior classes in Christian schools as well as being an indispensable resource for evangelism and discipleship in our churches.

John Dickson says about Towards Belief, “Towards Belief is destined to serve the church and the world like few other resources. The most difficult questions of faith are handled with warmth and intelligence. And the production values are fabulous. I wish I’d dreamed up this one! I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses it to strengthen our confidence and generosity of spirit as we seek to engage our sceptical world.”

Discussion guides and other resources are available through the Towards Belief website:
www.towardsbelief.org.au or by emailing jane@olivetreemedia.com.au