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Tertiary Partners

As part of our commitment to the flourishing of Christian education in Australia, CSA has established key partnerships with a number of our Christian higher education providers from across the nation. These partnerships are developed to facilitate the promotion and engagement of our valued tertiary partners with our member schools and also encourage the implementation of a range of collaborative projects and other initiatives between CSA and our Christian higher education partners.

Australian Christian Higher Education Alliance (ACHEA)

CSA are pleased to partner with the Australian Christian Higher Education Alliance which comprises 7 higher education institutions across 5 states. The alliance comprises of Alphacrucis College, Avondale University College, CHC Higher Education, Eastern College Australia, Excelsia College, Morling College and Tabor. People in the ACHEA community are passionate about excelling and growing: academically, professionally, creatively, personally, spiritually, and in their understanding of the world and their place in it.

ACHEA Course Guide

Alphacrucis College

Since 1948, Alphacrucis College (AC) has educated thousands of influential leaders who have significantly impacted communities and churches across the globe. Our mission is to provide an excellent education to equip leaders to change the world.

Avondale University College

Avondale University College is a not-for-profit private higher education provider established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1897. Its mission is to foster a Christian learning community dedicated to serving world needs.

Christian Heritage College

Christian Heritage College (CHC) is a fully accredited Higher Education Provider (HEP) that has, for nearly three decades, sought to integrate a distinctively Christian worldview with degrees in under-graduate and postgraduate Education, Social Sciences, Business and Ministry courses.

Eastern College Australia

Eastern College Australia is a multi-disciplinary Christian Higher Education Provider and a Registered Training Organisation offering government accredited awards from Certificate to Masters. Eastern College provides high-quality teaching, training and research from a Christian worldview that contributes to the church and the flourishing of humanity through the lives of its graduates.

Excelsia College

At Excelsia College, our students come from all walks of life, bringing with them many different backgrounds, traditions and experiences, but they have something important in common. People in our community are passionate about excelling and growing: academically, professionally, creatively, personally, spiritually, and in their understanding of the world and their place in it.

Morling College

The mission of the Faculty of Education at Morling College, formerly Southland College, is to assist Christian educators to develop their thinking and practice from a biblically based foundation. All courses offered are on-line and from a Christian worldview. The Master of Education and Master of Education (Leadership) enable Christian educators to reflect upon the basic principles and values underpinning their ministry, and strengthen the effectiveness of their teaching and leadership practices.

Tabor College

Tabor is a specialist tertiary institution, with an emphasis on equipping students for community professions. Tabor has a 40-year multi-denominational Christian history of providing nationally-recognised higher education programs within a supportive and nurturing environment.

Tertiary Partner Promotions

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Excelsia College | Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) Online Courses

Graduate Certificate in Classroom and Curriculum Innovation is designed to help teachers, along with other education stakeholders, develop a comprehensive understanding of the increasingly diverse needs of students in order to deliver more e?ective pedagogies. This course is part of the eight-unit Master of Educational Leadership o?ered 100% online to teachers who want to further their career with leadership roles in schools.
Intake: August, September 2021The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies is nested within the Master of Teaching program (Primary or Secondary) and can be o?ered as a standalone, entry or exit award. Although it does not qualify you to teach, the graduate certi?cate in educational studies opens up a range of opportunities to explore the foundations of education, become familiar with the function of schools and schooling, and the responsibilities of classroom teachers.
Intake: July, September 2021     Download Information Brochure