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CSA is committed to research on and for Christian schools that showcase and expand the second value proposition of CSA’s 3.0 vision – Thought Leadership. Our research foci centres on a range of key projects, publications and partnerships that hope to re-frame the conversation relating to Christian schools within the public square. Significantly, in our cultural moment, there is a growing body of high quality and reliable research which affirms and supports the practices, policies and principles that underpin Christian schooling.

This download provides an overview of the role of Dr. Darren Iselin, CSA Director of Research and Innovation and includes links to current and future projects with our research partners.

Current Projects

Click on each project heading, below, for more information about each of the current projects CSA are participating in and contributing to.

Completed Projects

Click on each project heading, below, for more information, including resources and downloads, about each of the previous projects in which CSA has participated.

Tertiary Partners