Review of SWD Loadings

Late last year the National Schools Resourcing Board (the Board) presented the Australian Government with its final report: Review of the loading for students with disability: Final Report | 2019

The Board was asked to consider, provide findings and make recommendations relating to the current settings for the loadings for students with disability. They were also asked to consider and, where appropriate, provide recommendations on Commonwealth assurance processes for information provided to calculate a school’s Commonwealth funding entitlement for students with disability.

On 2 July, 2020, the Australian Government announced its response  to the Board’s review.

The Board found limitations on the initial research underpinning the current loading settings and concluded there is a need to build an evidence base to inform updated estimates of the cost of reasonable adjustments for students with disability.

It also found the cross-sectoral approach taken by Australian governments and the non government sector has contributed positively to building capacity in the sector to implement the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD); and noted the benefits of improved transparency to both the quality of the NCCD and compliance, subject to privacy considerations.

In its response the Government has committed to a range of actions including:

  • commissioning research commencing early in the 202021 financial year to build the evidence to inform a refined costing model for implementation in 2023;
  • reviewing progress towards the quality assurance and capacity building goals of the current NCCD arrangements to identify areas where further support is required;
  • commission a project to examine existing practice and resources to develop a best practice national approach to moderation;
  • conduct research to explore options for the application of the NCCD in non-systemic schools that is sensitive to their challenges while balancing the need for appropriate assurance of Commonwealth funding; and
  • working towards publishing school-level NCCD student numbers (by adjustment level) on the My School website, subject to appropriate privacy protections.