Review of SWD loadings

Minister for Education Dan Tehan recently announced the Terms of Reference for the next review to be undertaken by the National School Resourcing Board.

The Board will examine how Commonwealth funding is used to support students with disability and report back by December 2019, looking particularly at the supplementary, substantial and extensive levels of adjustment under the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD), which sets out how disability loading is calculated.

According to the Minister the Board ‘will consult widely to determine if the levels of funding underpinned by the NCCD are hitting the mark’.  In addition, the review will also examine the Commonwealth’s assurance processes to ensure the accuracy of the information used to calculate a school’s Commonwealth funding entitlement.

The Terms of Reference indicate that the Board will –

consider, provide findings and make recommendations relating to the current settings for the loadings for the top three NCCD levels of adjustment, taking into consideration:
  • previous research on funding for students with disability, including work commissioned for the Joint Working Group on SWD funding
  • the level of resources used to support students with disability at each level of adjustment under the NCCD
  • the level of funding for educational adjustment provided by approved system authorities to member schools for students with disability under each system’s needs-based funding arrangements
  • any significant variations related to school setting or context

More details, including an issues paper, will be released on the Board’s website.

CSA will be actively involved in the Review on behalf of member schools.