Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools

The report from the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools that was led by David Gonski has been publicly released.

The Government has accepted all the recommendations in-principle, and David Gonski will brief state and territory education ministers at a special meeting of the Education Council this Friday, 4 May in Adelaide.

Given the nature of the recommendations the Commonwealth Government will need to work with states and territories and non-government school system authorities and schools to determine how the reforms set out in the Review should be delivered. As part of the Quality Schools, Quality Outcomes funding arrangements passed last year new reform agreements between the Commonwealth and jurisdictions must be negotiated this year to come into effect from 2019.  These will be the mechanisms by which these reforms will be implemented.  We have indicated to the Government the importance of transparency and the need for input from the non-government sector into these negotiations.

A copy of the full report, and a briefing ‘Fact Sheet’ are attached below.