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Dr Robert Loe

Executive Officer, VIC/TAS
National Portfolio | Organisational Culture and Community Development


UK College of Teachers

The College of Teachers

Professional Doctorate

The measurement of organisational relationships

2013 – 2016

Cambridge University

Master’s Degree


Cambridge University

Post-graduate Certificate of Education


Cambridge University

Bachelor’s Degree

1998 – 2001


Rob has been in the post of EO VIC/TAS since May 2020. He has a background in teaching, school leadership and research.

Rob believes passionately that a Christian school’s ethos cannot be divorced from the outcomes it seeks for its students (which must be more than academic). That ethos should make a deeply positive impact on the day-to-day lived reality of corridors and classrooms. It is the most powerful form of witness from a school.

Rob joins us from Cambridge in the United Kingdom where he has been serving as the CEO of a research foundation, having previously undertaken the role of Research Director which took him around the globe working with teachers, leaders and governments in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

He is the founder of Relational Schools, a project of the Relationships Foundation a charity built on biblical values and with a biblical perspective on contemporary issues underlying trends in society. Their belief is that the Bible describes a coherent vision for society that has enduring relevance for the world in the twenty-first century. At the heart of this social vision is a concern for right relationships.

The Catholic economist, E.F. Schumacher argued that, ‘education that fails to clarify our central convictions is merely training for indulgence’ (1972). Therefore, right community relationships are one of the primary witnesses of the board, leadership group and staff of that school. When Jesus speaks of a “new” command to, ‘…love one another’ he suggested that our daily modelled behaviours and attitudes would be a mechanism for sharing one’s faith because, ‘By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another’ (John 13: 34-35). Christian schools, it could be argued, should be a place where children, from all backgrounds, feel like they belong. Rob’s research, undertaken with Relational Schools, demonstrates that many students and staff in CSA schools do feel that sense of belonging and sets a positive pattern for unity and shared citizenship across future generations. You can read more about that here.

That is why, as well as acting as Executive Officer for schools in Victoria and Tasmania, Rob has a national portfolio role that reflects his significant experience and research interests: Organisational Culture and Community Development.

Rob’s wider role will be to work with school leaders and practitioners as a school improvement advisor, teacher development mentor and coach.

Rob graduated from Cambridge University in 2001 with a Double First-Class Honours Degree in English Literature with Education Studies. After a year of post-graduate study, he went on to teach English (Literature and Linguistics), Drama, Film and Media Studies and held leadership roles including: subject Faculty Head; Ass Head of Senior School; Director of Vocational Learning and Ass. Principal of a large college in the East of England. He left teaching to pursue a research career in 2013 and return to doctoral study at the IOE in London with the College of Teachers, now the Chartered College of Teaching.

In addition, Rob has experience as a tutor, moderator and marker on MA programmes with the universities of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin.

Rob hopes to bring all that experience to bear as he engages with schools and leaders across the country. As a Christian since his university days, he firmly believes we are only persons with each other, and education, much like life, is best understood as being, ‘with and for others in just institutions’ (Paul Ricoeur). So, education needs to focus on the development of relational capability in our children so they might repair and build the communities and societies in which they will live, work and re-create.

Rob has a wife and two children. They are in the process of relocating from the UK to Melbourne, which is somewhat delayed due to Covid-19. His interests include film (he is a former speaker at the Cambridge Film Festival), theatre, painting, food – particularly when in the company of good mates.

Rob can be contacted via the following email link: victaseo@csa.edu.au