Dave Stevens

State Executive Officer


Dave Stevens.

Currently serving as the State Executive Officer for Christian Schools Australia, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having taught and lead in a range of schools and countries.

Dave is enthusiastic about most things, especially Christian educational. Previously he served for 12 years as the Executive Principal of Alta-1. Dave was a 2015 Churchill Fellowship recipient where he explored root causes for student disengagement from education.

Dave’s knowledge across a broad range of specialist areas, educational sectors and contexts, is evidenced in his ability to develop alternative programs that meet the needs of the students and teachers whilst addressing the requirements of legislation. His work is internationally recognized for the significant impact that Alta-1 College is having on student engagement, and his passion for Relational Schools will assist all schools in student wellness and retention.

Kerry & Dave have been married for 29yrs and have 5 young men they call sons and have been foster parents for over 12yrs. Family, friends, good food, raucous laughter and the love of his Heavenly Father are close to this large man’s heart.