Updated Quality Schools Funding Materials

School Funding Estimator

As indicated in our recent Update while all schools have received their Provisional Advice of 2018 Australian Government Funding we know that a number of schools have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Government’s updated Funding Estimator to assist with longer term planning.

The School Funding Estimator is once again available on the Department of Education’s website.  The school funding estimator has also been updated to reflect the latest data available and the funding model legislated through the amended Australian Education Act 2013. Other enhancements have also been added to make the estimator easier to use and to provide historical and overarching information, such as how schools are funded in different sectors and how funding amounts have changed over time. The estimator is available at www.education.gov.au/school-funding-estimator.

Following feedback on the first estimator in May, funding for Catholic and Independent systemic schools is provided at the system level, rather than the school level. This reflects the ability of school systems to distribute funding according to their own needs-based funding arrangements – they ultimately decide how funding is distributed to each school within their system.

Quality Schools Information and Fact Sheets

Revised information and resources on the Australian Government’s Quality Schools package which schools may find helpful for the 2018 school year has also been uploaded to the Department’s website and is available at www.education.gov.au/qualityschools.

There are also updated factsheets and FAQs available at https://www.education.gov.au/quality-schools-package.