Vale – Martin Hanscamp

Many people from a wide cross section of Christian schools will know Martin Hanscamp, the former Executive Officer of the Australian Association of Christian Schools.  Martin was a regular feature at the Christian Schools National Policy Forum in Canberra and a staunch and strong advocate for Christian education.

Martin has also had a long battle with cancer and this morning Martin died peacefully at his home in Belgrave, Victoria.

We join with colleagues in AACS and CEN in praying for his family, but are also consoled by the knowledge that he is now safe in his Father’s arms.

As the Chair and CEO of CEN indicate in their letter to the CEN community, below, Martin was a dedicated and faithful servant of God through Christian education over many years.


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  Letter from CEN on the passing of Martin Hanscamp ...
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UPDATE (2/10/20): A Thanksgiving Service for Martin’s life which will be live-streamed on Saturday 3 October 2020 1PM AEST. You can view the service here.

Martin’s daughter, Taminka, also wrote in a recent blog post –

“As a way to ‘nod your hat’ to Martin, to create space to interrupt your day to pause and acknowledge his life, so his love might continue to survive and grow, here’s a few things you might like to do (no obligation of course):

  • Join us for the thanksgiving service online and sing your heart out. If you’re outside metropolitan Melbourne and are allowed to gather in small groups, maybe you could watch with a few others.
  • After the funeral, we’ll share details for a Facebook group ,‘Memories of Martin’, this will become a kind of ‘after-the-service milling space’ we’ll keep for a while to share stories and memories.
  • Bake something from Martin’s Morning Tea Favourites, be sure to bake enough for yourself, or for the freezer, the neighbours and the world (because if you’re going to bake you might as well quadruple the recipe)
  • Fly a kite, have a backyard fire, play Ticket to Ride and listen to some folk music, get a donut, coffee or vanilla slice, collect or give some flowers to yourself or a friend who knew Martin, buy some art and support a local artist (They’ll need it now dad’s gone!)
  • Martin loved to celebrate generosity, he was a gift-giver who liked building others up and being useful. He was a big supporter of TEAR Australia (now called Tearfund) and their work to tackle injustice and alleviate poverty. As a way to honour Martin or support the family, in lieu of other gifts we’ve set up this page for you to give a ‘useful gift’. In this way our hope is that even in Martin’s death the work of planting the seeds and tools needed to celebrate strength, train teachers, access water safely, build sustainable communities and find hope in hard places will continue to grow. .
  • Read a book… write a book! Play a game of backyard cricket…build a cricket pitch so you have somewhere to play that game! Move some pavers, make a playground, renovate your empty nester or get around to those family photos!”