Where to find the latest information on charities

Have you ever had that experience of being told by a government department or bank or utility that they cannot respond to your request because you are not authorised to act for the school?

This is a fairly common experience where these other bodies take the usual approach, applicable to entities that are NOT charities and search ASIC records.  Of course for schools and other charities ASIC records of directors and secretaries are generally out of date as charities only need to update details with the ACNC.

As the ACNC indicate themselves

“Because registered charities are not required to notify ASIC of most changes that have been notified to the ACNC, the ASIC Register may not be current for registered charities.”

ASIC also have guidance for companies registered as charities.

To try and clarify this issue the ACNC and ASIC produced a brief explanatory flyer some years ago – see below.

It may be helpful if you are in the situation of dealing with an organisation searching in the wrong place to provide them with a copy and indicate they need to refer to the Charity Register.

It is also important that you ensure that your details are up to date on the Australian Business Register.  This is an often overlooked requirement – and it can be difficult and time consuming to subsequently correct.


Information on Charities Flyer 237.18 KB 21 downloads